How to Get 80% of the Results with 20% of the Content


By Chris Garrett When should you write? How often? How long should your blog posts be? Should you have a schedule? I get asked these questions and similar every week, between emails, Q&A calls/webinars, and clients. Content is becoming super important. We used to talk about if content was king or not. Now, I see [...]

How to Win the Battle of the Inbox


By Scott Dudley  “Email is dead.” “It’s just too competitive in the inbox these days.” “Email open rates have plummeted over the last few years.” These are the common opinions about email marketing in 2014. And in a way… they’re right. But let me clarify. They’re only right if the marketer is sending out dull, [...]

9 Actionable Tips for Better Content

Man Reading something Interesting

1) Expressive text Use a lot of expressive text (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough). 2) Grab quotes from figures in the niche Have your VA do the same thing to interviews (written or video) with popular figures in your niche. You should also put these into a similar styled spreadsheet that you can look back to [...]

Avoiding Marketing Extinction: 3 Keys to Surviving & Thriving


By Todd McCormick Today, marketers must adapt or risk going the way of the dodo. Biological changes are making old marketing strategies extinct. In this new market­ing world, we can either change or become out­dated and outmanned — or even worse, irrelevant. Darwin first coined the term “natural selec­tion” when talking about a key mechanism [...]

3 Things Marketers Should Automate Today

Marketing Automation

By Bryan Brown More and more marketers are looking to marketing automation technology and behavioral marketing to help provide the personal, relevant touch their customers and prospects want without draining precious time and resources. According to a recent Forrester study, eight of 10 marketers feel that marketing automation will increase the efficiency of their marketing processes, [...]

The Great Puppy Dog Ambush and its Devious Lessons for your Web Conversions


It was an ambush. There I was in Brisbane at a seminar and… it happened. Like all good ambushes it was deviously planned, cunningly created and implemented with military-like precision. The first inkling I got was when my iphone vibrated (naturally on silent because of the seminar!) indicating a text message. I looked at it [...]

Split-test Your Way to Profits

Split Testing

In the online world today, you would be well aware that your marketing material has to be constantly evolving to compete with the ever increasing marketplace. In my 6-years of business, I have had to learn to adapt to industry changes and learn new techniques to help my bottom-line. And so began my journey into [...]

“The Avengers” in your biz?

The Avengers

It’s the big rave right now… The Blockbuster flick, “The Avengers”. Pulse-pumping adrenaline fix for the year… Six superheroes: Captain America, Thor, Ironman, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye Each with individual ‘gifts’ that, once united, can obliterate any enemy… (Except Chuck Norris, of course) So here’s my take on how to posses each of their [...] achieve 200 Brands in Under 3 Years achieve 200 Brands in Under 3 Years

5 Ways to Increase the Profit of Any Business

Source Credit: Brad Sugars, ActionCoach Brad Sugars teaches that every business has what he calls a business chassis, and you can make it run like a VW or like a Porsche with simple proven modifications.

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